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KJ was born in Burnley, Lancashire in England September 3rd 1994. 2 Years later he moved to Wales and moved between various areas all in the vale of Glamorgan. 

When he was 6 his mother handed him a tape with Eminems "My Name Is" on it, he became fascinated in rap music ever since, studying and glorifying the faculties of Eminem. 

Growing up since the age of 14 he started writing lyrics expressing himself. At that point he was just having fun with it, Freestyling for friends and battling at house parties or on the street. 

His father gave him a load of CDs from artists such as Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, RUN DMC, MC Eight, Warren G. He further became inspired by artists like Gangstarr, Notorious B.I.G and so many others. Listening alternative artists he became inspired towards the genre of hip-hop. 

At 18 he applied late for a college course and in an on the spot interview, he was made to freestyle In front of a tutor which went extremely well. He proceeded to study music technology for the next 2 years. He left early and started making his own music at home. 

He spent the next few years gaining performing experience busking multiple times in London, Birmingham and Swansea. 

Being a fan of battle rap for so long he decided to participate and he had his first rap battle on Don't Flop in July 2019 hosted in Cardiff Moon Club. His second battle was in Bristol November 2019.